It’s hard to imagine going back to the days of using oil lamps, but that was the norm just over 100 years ago. Then, Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse revolutionized America by popularizing the electrification of many tools and tasks. Electrification is simply the process of converting a device or system to run on electricity instead of a different source of energy like oil, gas or coal. Electrification is a critical component of America’s energy future with numerous benefits like cleaner air, lower energy costs and better health.

Featured Electrification Programs

Plug-In Vehicles

Faced with high gas prices and mounting air pollution, plug-in vehicles deliver many benefits over traditional vehicles.

Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles provide individuals with a clean, inexpensive and fun way to travel short distances.

Electric Lawn Care Tools

Lawn care used to be a gas dominant industry, but the new electric transition will help reduce air and noise pollution.


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