Plug-In Vehicles

With Delaware recently joining the Zero Emission Vehicle program, the transition to plug-in vehicles is coming into focus. Plug-in vehicles, from fully electric battery-based vehicles to plug-in hybrids that use both gas and electricity, are having a moment, projected to make up 30% of all new US car sales by 2030.

Plug-in vehicles have numerous benefits over traditional vehicles, especially with rising gas prices and worrying amounts of air pollution. Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have much better effective fuel economy, bring lower maintenance costs, produce significantly fewer emissions and help address energy independence.

Given the many benefits of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, governments, businesses and nonprofits at all levels provide various incentives for purchasing an EV or installing an EV charging station. There are several programs for Delaware residents to take advantage of, namely the federal tax credit and the state of Delaware’s suite of clean transportation incentives.

The federal tax credit is the most generous program for purchasers of new plug-in vehicles, but varies greatly based on country of final assembly and country of origin for the materials used in the battery. To find out more regarding the current tax credit eligibility for every electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sold (along with information about price, range, performance and safety ratings), check out

In addition, the state of Delaware provides rebates for both electric / plug-in hybrid vehicles and non-residential EV charging stations. Any Delaware resident who purchases or leases a new or used electric / plug-in hybrid vehicle can apply for a rebate that varies from $1,000 to $2,500 (depending on price, technology and ownership history). Additionally, state rebates are available for EV charging stations for public access, workplace, fleet or multifamily charging, covering up to 90% of the cost of the stations themselves and up to 80% of installation costs.


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