Our Mission

Powering Our Future is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to promote clean energy infrastructure across Delaware with the goal of building healthy, happy and resilient communities that will stand the test of time. Our primary focus is on connecting individuals and businesses to practical strategies for working towards a cleaner future. We believe that we can successfully integrate future-forward green technology into our infrastructure while also reducing costs by using a combination of grassroots outreach, strategic partnerships and public education.

About The Founder

Michael Smith is an energy economist who started his career researching and modeling energy markets and the electrical grid. During that time, he developed a passion for fighting for environmentally friendly technology and best practices. Michael has experience working in think tanks, private consulting firms and political campaigns and was driven to use that experience to facilitate the installation of clean energy infrastructure throughout the state of Delaware. He founded Powering Our Future to do exactly that, and now serves as our Executive Director. As an economist, an avid outdoorsman, and a concerned citizen, Michael is excited to promote new strategies to help build cleaner, healthier communities while saving people and businesses money in the process.

Our Objectives

  1. Lower Bills
  2. Cleaner Air
  3. More Jobs
  4. Less Waste
  5. Better Futures


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